Supplied air respirators

Industrial risks, including more highly toxic fires, are on the rise, so users require increasingly high-performance professional equipment. MATISEC meets their needs by designing, developing and manufacturing self contained breathing apparatus ( SCBAs) that are hardy, ergonomic and include the latest technologies.








The Resi’s dual-shell design makes it possible to integrate electronic components, processors and pressure sensors. These can be used to send information to a remote data management system or GID. The GID stores data that is useful for remote monitoring, along with information the user needs to perform the job safely.



The GPAL is an open circuit self contained breathing apparatus reliable and compact allowing the user to protect efficacy the respiratory and eyes during fires and toxic fight intervention. The GPAL is in conformity with European Standards  EN 136, EN137 and EN137-2.



TRIPLAIR is an open-circuit insulating respiratory system that provides long duration autonomy ( 60 minutes ) using  a cylinder unit holding 3 compressed air cylinders with a capacity of 3 litres at 300 bar each (i.e., a total of 9 litres at 300 bar) protected in an anatomical ABS backpack .Specially develop and designed for the French Navy it allows the wearer to pass thru very narrow passageways and gallery.



The emergency escape breathing device M20.2 is the world’s smallest….

Compact light and reliable, it can be worn comfortably on belt or stored in its orange container. Much more efficiency that a filtering escape device the compressed oxygen and mouthpiece combination allows the M-20.2 to be donned in a smoke filled and toxic gases environment.



The MATAIR is a compressed air line breathing apparatus with complete mask for respiratory protection named TOTAL 3 according European standard NF EN 136. The respiratory protection is insure with on demand positive pressure.



The MATAIR SECOURS is a compressed air line breathing apparatus with complete mask for respiratory protection, a safety device and switch automatic valve in case of air network breakdown. The safety device can be worn either on waist belt or back plate  and use  various capacities cylinder between 1 to 3 liters.



This kit allows to work on an external air source and so make the SCBA air line connected to save autonomous cylinder duration. It can be added on every type of SCBA and switch automatically from scba’s cylinders ( according EN 137) to air line BA (according EN14593)



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