Our many years of research, development and production have instilled in us a protective instinct a commitment to keeping you safe. And that instinct continues to grow…






Since its creation by its actual president Gerard CARRON, MATISEC company grows according key dates and events:

         •    1978 : Installation in SAINT-ALBAN-DE-ROCHE

         •    1980 : SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) Department creation

         •    2000 : Creation of a second site for the manufacture of nuclear protective clothing

         •    2004 : Extension of the SAINT-ALBAN-DE-ROCHE

         •    2019 : Creation of the NUCLEATEX site in Portugal

         •    2020 : New headquarters for the MATISEC group in VAULX-MILIEU, doubling production size

Dynamic Company, MATISEC continues its growth based on its customers and developments according new technologies evolutions…