Matisec design and manufacture ventilated PPE to protect people working in contaminated environments. We use flame-retardant, reinforced materials and high-tech plastics to continually enhance the reliability of our protective suits. All our protective suits and hoods meet the requirements of applicable standards, EN 1073-1, EN 943, EN 270.
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PK17 (Pink & PMI)


The PK17 suit, used in the majority of maintenance activities in contaminated areas, offers an uncompromising level of protection and wearing comfort. It has the same benefits as the MRV5 suit, with enhanced respiratory protection via an EN 136 compliant mask and filter cartridge. The suit meets the requirements of EN 1073-1 by providing a protection factor greater than 50,000ppm.

The PK17 PMI suit is thicker than the PK17.

Technical sheet


Non-slip slippers

Made of PVC, resistant to abrasion.



Quick lacing

Facilitates dressing.



P40 system / Integrated mask

The P40 system easily connects to the air inlet of the hold, thanks to a quick connection. The hose is equipped with a filter and a screw-on coupling in accordance with EN 141.