Matisec designs, develops, produces and markets chemical intervention suits, guaranteeing complete, reliable and safe protection. Meeting the EN 943-2 standard, they allow various rescue operations in dangerous environments, in corrosive chemical, liquid or gaseous media.
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The GR IV suit is a non-ventilated type 1B (gas-tight according to EN 943-2) reusable protective suit against liquid and gaseous chemicals (liquid aerosols and solid particles) when wearing SCBA outside. It provides complete protection against a large number of hazardous liquid or gaseous chemical substances used in many fields of activity (chemical or oil industry, rescue teams, waste management, etc.). Its waterproofness meets the internal pressure test of EN 464 and ISO 17491-1.

Technical sheet
The boots

The safety boots in CMS or NBR are removable, equipped with an anti-puncture sole and a safety shell. The joint between the suit and the boots is ensured by patented double-lipped polymerised flexible rings. The boots comply with the EN345 CLASS S5 HRO standard.


casque gr3 scaphandre Headset / Integrated Mask

An adjustable support cap protects the head and regulator of the SCBA from impact. The suit is fitted with a large screen incorporating a chemically inert film to provide an optimum field of vision.


The gloves

Mechanically fixed and sealed on rigid snap-on and lockable rings (patented). Their composition in NEOPRENE and POLYMER complexing, with high chemical resistance, ensures protection according to the EN 943-2 standard.


Integrated loops

They allow the suit to use the SCBA belt, ensuring that the weight of the legs is carried on the hips without adding a second belt.



Ventilation valve

The internal ventilation can be supplied by an adjustable tap. It can be connected to an external air source (network, trolley, etc) increasing the autonomy of the unit.


Multi-diaphragm valve

A small multi-membrane valve ensures rapid closure and maximum airflow in a minimum of time. The valve is chemically protected by a downward facing flap.