Due to the technical experience acquired in the 3 fields respiratory protection, technical clothes and ventilated suits MATISEC more than ever is able to fit exactly particular customer’s needs. The SERVICE department answered not only to aftersales and services request but also engineering development for global protective need and all the differents technicals knowledges to implement.









Using protective equipment required lots of means of support, storage, cleaning, reconditioning and operational condition maintenance. For all those needs MATISEC propose its product service and particular solutions tailored to specific customer need.






Our after sales Team is able to realize on site or in MATISEC all the inspection and repair to maintain your protective equipment operational. Additionally in case of urgent technical matter you can call our hotline 00 33 620 266 816.





A Protective Equipment is part of a global protective line. Accessories proposed by MATISEC allows our customer to cover the whole global need and breathing air line according the air quality European standard EN12021 or even during the cylinders’ filling operation.










Fort de son expérience acquise en développement et  conception  dans les 3 domaines respiratoire, vêtements de protection et tenues étanches ventilés MATISEC plus que jamais sait s’adapter aux besoins des clients. Le département SERVICE englobe non seulement son activité de service après vente et formation mais de plus en plus INGENIERIE pour une prise en charge globale des moyens à mettre en œuvre pour la protection….