With the increase in industrial risks, the harmfulness of modern fires and the professionalism of users, MATISEC designs and manufactures Insulated Breathing Apparatus combining robustness, ergonomics and new technology. Recognised by many fire brigades, the Navy...





Regulator FR or FR 1st inspi

The FR regulator is available in two versions. The first version allows the regulator to be switched on automatically when the user clicks on it, and the second version switches on the regulator when the user takes the first breath.


Regulator  CLICK or CLICK 1st inspi

The regulator is available in two versions: click-on or first breath. The mini-regulator ensures an overpressure in the mask and a breathing comfort without equivalent to this day thanks to its pneumatic control technology. The mini-regulator is equipped with a red button that can be operated by hand to allow the wearer to give himself an additional air supply, if the need arises (heat, shortness of breath, etc.).