With the increase in industrial risks, the harmfulness of modern fires and the professionalism of users, MATISEC designs and manufactures Insulated Breathing Apparatus combining robustness, ergonomics and new technology. Recognised by many fire brigades, the Navy...
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The GPAL-INCURVE is a compact and robust device with a quick and tool-free air line removal system. It complies with the European standard EN137-2.

Technical sheet
The adjustable anatomical frame

The frame of the GPAL INCURVE is moulded in a highly resistant and self-extinguishing composite material, with an anatomical shape that follows the shape of the hips on which the weight of the device rests. In order to facilitate cleaning, this frame has a system for quick removal of the air line without tools.


The comfort harness

The shoulder straps are connected to an articulated spreader bar to facilitate the movement of the shoulders in relation to the backrest. The shoulder straps and belt reinforcement are moulded with a shape and material that ensures excellent comfort and allows easy cleaning. Metal rings allow accessories to be attached (lights, thermal camera, gas detector, immobility detector, etc.).


Regulator FR or FR 1st inspi

The FR regulator is available in two versions. The first version allows the regulator to be switched on automatically when the user clicks on it, and the second version switches on the regulator when the user takes the first breath.


Regulator  CLICK or CLICK 1st inspi

The regulator is available in two versions: click-on or first breath. The mini-regulator ensures an overpressure in the mask and a breathing comfort without equivalent to this day thanks to its pneumatic control technology. The mini-regulator is equipped with a red button that can be operated by hand to allow the wearer to give himself an additional air supply, if the need arises (heat, shortness of breath, etc.).


The sound and visual pressure indicator

The end-of-charge whistle and pressure gauge are fed by a single hose reinforced with internal metal braid. The pressure gauge is dust and moisture proof and equipped with a flow limiter in case of accidental breakage.
The whistle sounds (90 dB) as soon as the pressure reaches 55 bar (+/- 5 bar) and whistles continuously until the end of the cylinder.


The second carrier or victim rescue

Installed on the medium-pressure hose, a "Y" with a double safety connection device (with double manoeuvre) makes it possible to rescue a second SCBA wearer in difficulty or a victim rescue bonnet.



The bottle strap

The bottle strap with notched strap and quick-release fastener can accommodate all types of bottles. Fast and reliable, this system is easy to use with gloves.


The protective handle

The protective handle protects the high pressure regulator and the valve from side and vertical impacts. It also allows you to hook the carabiner of the lifeline if necessary...




The Pressure Indicator Light informs the wearer of the residual pressure in the mask by means of a coloured diode system. Installed on the MP hose, it does not pose any problem when cleaning or disinfecting the Total 3 mask.


Option : rescue bonnet for victims

The rescue bonnet protects the victim's respiratory tract ... just like bottle protectors, it is available in different fabric versions, from the simplest to the most elaborate... A storage bag is easily installed on the belt of the SCBA, which receives the bonnet in its waterproof packaging.

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Le châssis anatomique réglable