A Protective Equipment is part of a global protective line. Accessories proposed by MATISEC allows our customer to cover the whole globale need and breathing air line according the air quality European standard EN12021 or even during the cylinders filling operation.
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Test bench


The MATITEST EVOLUTION is a test bench used to verify the proper functionning of open-circuit insulated respiratory systems. Controlled by a PLC, the test bench as a breathing machine that simulates respiratory movements and acquires data on various pressures and flows.

Technical sheet


 String points :

   Tactile screen integrated in the PLC

    100% compatible with Tracemat (MATISEC cloud)

    Complete electrical module can be disconnected

    Complete pneumatic module can be disconnected

    Airtightness test on filtering mask according to standard EN 136

    Airtightness test on protective suit according to standard EN 464