Using protective equipment required lots of means of support, storage, cleaning, reconditioning and operational condition maintenance. For all those needs MATISEC propose its product service and particular solutions tailored to specific customer need.








This specific service consist in manufacturing a mobile shelter of “support unit” on site ( oil plateform,gaz..), with all the means inside in order to assume the maintenance, logistic, storage  of protective equipment.  Depending of climatic constraints this unit could be insulated, warmed or cooled…




Additionally to the “support unit” MATISEC offers « material units » like Medium pressure compressor, High pressure Compressor, hoses, gases detectors etc …as the “ support unit” depending of climatic constraints this unit could be insulated, warmed or cooled….



Control and maintenance of our equipment is very important according the product reliability during its use. The control and maintenance training is performed on our site by our after sales manager according different levels and PPE types developed by MATISEC.



According the 15th march 2000 edict and depending of the cylinder technology each cylinder need to have periodically visual inspection and water jacket test. MATISEC in order to provide a serious service have human and technical means to realize those operations on every type and brand cylinder of compressed air.




Fort de son expérience acquise en développement et  conception  dans les 3 domaines respiratoire, vêtements de protection et tenues étanches ventilés MATISEC plus que jamais sait s’adapter aux besoins des clients. Le département SERVICE englobe non seulement son activité de service après vente et formation mais de plus en plus INGENIERIE pour une prise en charge globale des moyens à mettre en œuvre pour la protection….