Industrial risks, including more highly toxic fires, are on the rise, so users require increasingly high-performance professional equipment. MATISEC meets their needs by designing, developing and manufacturing self contained breathing apparatus ( SCBAs) that are hardy, ergonomic and include the latest technologies.
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The GPAL is an open circuit self contained breathing apparatus reliable and compact allowing the user to protect efficacy the respiratory and eyes during fires and toxic fight intervention. The GPAL is in conformity with European Standards  EN 136, EN137 and EN137-2.

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Scaphandre de protection chimique GR 3


The GR3 reusable suit provides protection from liquid and gaseous chemical products (aerosols, liquids and solid particles). It is a non-ventilated type 1B suit (gas-tight in accordance with standard EN943-2) and is designed for use with...

dm suit


The DM protective suit is composed of an envelope inside which a SCBA and its mask (type 1 a) can be used. Its panoramic anti-condensation visor gives the user a very wide angle of vision when looking up or down.

Inverter KIT 3S


This kit allows to work on an external air source and so make the SCBA air line connected to save autonomous cylinder duration. It can be added on every type of SCBA and switch automatically from scba’s cylinders (...

Breathing air trolleys


In case of emergency requiring SCBA, CHEMICAL SUIT, BAIL OUT or ESCAPE HOOD additional breathing air needs could appear. The breathing air trolley due to its light and compact design allows emergency team to benefit...

High pressure compressors


The breathing Air high pressure compressor range is results of BARGAZ Company buyout. The main reason involving MATISEC in this activity is to offer our customer a satisfactory and global solution to fill...

High pressure rack


More compact and less expensive than a compressor shelter our proposal is to manufacture high capacity mobile high pressure storage.

Breathing air shelter


The mission duration time and cylinder needs increase more and more and forced the fire brigade to re fill on site cylinders. Due to this fact MATISEC manufacture mobile shelter including High pressure compressors.




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