Matisec design and manufacture ventilated PPE to protect people working in contaminated environments. We use flame-retardant, reinforced materials and high-tech plastics to continually enhance the reliability of our protective suits. All our protective suits and hoods meet the requirements of applicable standards, EN 1073-1, EN 943, EN 270.
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The MRV5 protective suit, used for most maintenance activities in contaminated zones, provides comfortable, uncompromising protection. It meets the requirements of standard EN1073-1 by providing a protection factor superior to 50 000 ppm.
This suit is reinforced at the level of the knees and shoulders compared to the MRV5 Pink & Natural.
It is also adjusted to allox easier use in confined spaces.



Technical sheet
  Tear strip

Facilitates undressing and provides quick access to the airway.


Ventilation duct

It ensures, thannks to its specific architecture, a perfect air distribution, comfortable and refreshing for carriers.


Welded gloves

The MRV5 is equipped with MATEX welded gloves offering a perfect seal and protection meeting the standards EN 374-3, EN374-2 and EN 421.


Dosimeter reading

This large window allows carriers to easily read the dosimeter at any time.



Reinforcements at the level of the knees and shoulders are intended for narrow areas and passage (manhole, etc...)